Best 32 inch TVs 2022

Whether Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG or Medion – We regularly test the latest televisions for you. You will find all of the top products that have been tested in our leader boards. 

Our place 1: LG Electronics 32LK6200PLA

In terms of image quality, the LG 32LK6200 is one of the best in this size class, and a large viewing angle is possible. Its strengths also include ease of use and many smart TV apps and functions. The LG weakens a bit in terms of sound reproduction and connections, but overall the television is worth the money.

Our 2nd place: Panasonic TX-32FSW504S

In the test, the Panasonic showed a decent picture with well-coordinated colors. The app selection is okay, but not great, and a third HDMI input wouldn’t have hurt. We really liked the channel sorting, which works the easiest with Panasonic.

Compact and good: the best 32-inch televisions

They are among the small models of their kind – despite or precisely because of this, 32-inch televisions are popular. At Samsung, Panasonic and other brands you will find cheap offers from less than 200 to around 500 euros. If you have a small living room or are looking for an inexpensive second device, you will find good 32-inch devices with full HD, for example, many of which are smart TVs.

32 inch flat screen TV testing

As mentioned above: Only very few of the small televisions offer television in 4K, there are no OLED displays and WiFi is not a matter of course. 32 inches – that means a screen diagonal of around 80 cm and dimensions of just 73 x 41 cm. The housing width is less than 80 centimeters, which fits perfectly into normal cabinet walls. What makes the best 32-inch devices and what to look out for:

  • Resolution: With 32 inch televisions you have the choice between HD Ready and a resolution in Full HD. HD Ready brings it to at least 1,280 x 720 pixels, Full HD to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. With a screen as small as the 32-inch device, even HD Ready often produces a good picture.
  • Display technology: All current LCD televisions work with LEDs for screen lighting, which is why they are also called LED televisions. You use electricity sparingly, and the technology is considered mature and durable.
  • Smart TV: Not every 32 inch TV is a smart TV. Internet access is often foregone in favor of the affordable price. Thanks to HbbTV, the more expensive models enable access to streaming offers, media libraries and other interactive content.
  • Types of reception: In addition to cable TV, current 32-inch televisions usually also receive HDTV via antenna, abbreviated as DVB-T2. Many are also suitable for connection to a satellite antenna.
  • Connections: Even the small televisions are usually equipped with the same connections as the larger models. From HDMI to LAN, CI + to extra headphone connections and cinch, everything is or can be included.

In summary, this means: the smaller and more “economical” in technology and function, the cheaper the 32-inch television will be. Anyone who wants “the full program” and is looking for a 32-inch device with full HD and Smart TV, for example, will find what they are looking for at Medion, Grundig or Samsung for around 200-300 euros.

Overview of image resolutions: HD Ready, Full HD, Ultra HD

With the introduction of the HD Ready standard in 2005, the cornerstone for high-definition television was laid. Flat screen televisions with this standard slowly replaced the tube television. The image resolution increased from 720 x 576 pixels to 1,280 x 720 pixels. While TV channels were initially only available with an additional HD receiver in the appropriate resolution, today ARD and other channels can also be received in this quality without the additional device. However, only with a full HD television that can manage up to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Streaming services usually deliver your content in this quality, although some providers charge a surcharge for this.The next step in terms of image resolution is Ultra HD: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels ensure razor-sharp images. The designation 4K on the television set can sometimes be a bit irritating: The image resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels is actually the standard for digital cinema. As already mentioned at the beginning, the resolution in Ultra HD is not provided for 32 inch televisions, but some more expensive 40 inch televisions come with this picture quality.

Questions Before You Buy: Is a 32 Inch TV Right for Me?

Even if there are much more powerful televisions on the market – the small devices are still convincing in terms of their price-performance ratio. You can find out whether and when a flat-screen TV with these small dimensions is right for you by asking the following questions:

What do you want to see?
If you (almost) only watch films and series on TV anyway, a 32-inch device with maximum resolution is completely sufficient. Those who watch Blu-rays and also want to play games on the flat-screen TV will probably not be satisfied with one of the inexpensive models in the long term.

How much space do you have?
In a small living room, a very large television is unlikely to find a (meaningful) place. Even if it fits on the sideboard – if the sofa and television are too close together, giant televisions are no fun. With small televisions, a good meter is often enough for optimal television enjoyment.

How or where would you like to use the television?
If you are just looking for a second TV for the bedroom or children’s room, an inexpensive 32-inch model will do just fine.

Do you need a Smart TV?
Older people in particular do not need an internet connection to watch TV. You can do without it in holiday apartments, too. Those who do not have an internet connection will find very affordable 32-inch televisions in particular.

How much money do I want to spend?
There are already 50-inch televisions for less than 500 euros. But if you want or have to make real savings, you can find a simple 32-inch TV with Full HD for less than 200 euros. Your electricity tariff may also offer savings potential:

The best 32-inch (81 cm) TVs in comparison

1.LG Electronics 32LK6200PLA 2.6 (satisfactory)
2.Panasonic TX-32FSW504S 2.7 (satisfactory)
3.Panasonic TX-32FSW504 2.7 (satisfactory)
4.Sony KD-32W800P 2.8 (satisfactory)
5.Hisense H32A5840 2.8 (satisfactory)
6.Grundig 32GFS6820 3.0 (satisfactory)
7.Philips 32PFS5803 3.1 (satisfactory)
8.Nordmende Wegavision FHD32A 3.5 (sufficient)

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