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Do you love great sound when listening to music on the go? With the headphones from Bose you don’t have to do without it. The headphones offer a very good sound, are very comfortable to wear and are light in weight.

In tests, wireless models in particular impress with their flexibility. The right headphones, for example in-, on- or over-ear, can also be found here in our product table, in which we have put together the best models from Bose for you.

When you think of quality speakers and headphones , you automatically think of the name Bose. A company that has been successfully selling products in this segment for several decades .

Bose headphones not only offer a very good sound, the equipment and the ease of use also leave nothing to be desired. You can choose from many different models and decide whether you prefer to wear the headphones on or in your ears.

In our buying guide, we will show you what is important when you decide on Bose headphones .

Bose headphones come in in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear versions

Whether in, on or over the ears – we present various headphone models from Bose here in more detail.

In-ear headphones are small and unobtrusive

If you are out jogging or generally want to listen to music inconspicuously , the small in-ear models are just right for you. These are plugged into the ear cups and are hardly visible at first glance.

The disadvantage is that in-ear models are sometimes unsuitable for very small ear cups and can fall out more easily. The low weight and the low price compared to larger headphones are advantageous.

Over-ear headphones are comfortable to wear

These headphones are worn over the ears and are very comfortable thanks to a padded headband. Disadvantages are the chunkier appearance and the slightly higher weight.

The advantage is that the complete closure of the auricles perfectly blocks out ambient noise . The models are therefore absolutely unsuitable for wearing in traffic, but ideal for use in the music studio.

On-ear headphones lie on your ears

On-ear headphones lie on the ears, but do not completely cover the auricles. This makes these models slightly smaller and lighter than the over-ear versions. On the other hand, the ear cups are a little worse at blocking out ambient noise. The models, which are often available in many colors and designs, can also be used as fashion accessories.

Advantages and disadvantages of the different types of Bose headphones

Haven’t made a decision yet? Compare the different headphones again using the following table.

Bose Headphone ArtadvantagesDisadvantages
In ear headphones-Small and unobtrusive
-Blocks out ambient noise very well
-Can press in the ear
-Falls down easier
Over Ear Headphones-High wearing comfort
-Blocks out ambient noise perfectly
-Ideal for the music studio
-Visually more noticeable
On-Ear Headphones-Good wearing comfort
-Various colors and designs
-Fashion accessory
-Blocks out ambient noise a little worse

The most important information: range, cable length, design, weight, battery life and functions

Looking for the perfect Bose headphones? All Bose headphones offer a strong sound. A true Bose headphone test winner also convinces with a high Bluetooth range, a long battery life and noise-cancelling technology.

Whether Soundlink 2, Quietcomfort 35 or Bose 700 – here you will find everything you should consider when making a purchase.

A long range and sufficient cable length are important

The in-ear models from Bose are particularly unobtrusive.

The Bose Bluetooth headphones are usually wireless headphones with a range of up to 10 meters.

You are particularly sporty with the wireless headphones from the Sound Sport series, which work wirelessly and are equipped with non-slip earplugs. These sports headphones are in-ear Bluetooth headphones that have a good range.

Many in-ear models are also connected via audio cables. Pay attention to a sufficiently long cable length of at least 100 centimeters.

There are different colors to choose from

There are many models in black, silver and white. The over- and on-ear models in particular can become a fashionable companion on a daily basis.

Weight varies by size

Depending on the headphone model, the weight is between 44 and 300 grams. The lightest models are the in-ear headphones, while the large over-ear headphones are the heaviest due to the large ear cups.

A long battery life ensures extensive music enjoyment

The battery life of most Bose headphones is between 15 and 20 hours , so you can listen to music for a day or two without charging. So that you don’t have to wait too long, there is also a quick charge function on some models, thanks to which you can charge the battery in just 15 minutes and then listen to music for at least two hours.

Good headphones offer practical additional functions

Models with noise canceling and NFC are recommended.

function typedescription
Noice-Cancelling-Generates an acoustic counter signal
-Blocks out ambient noise
-For undisturbed music enjoyment
-Not available on all Bose headphones
NFC-NFC = Near Field Communication
-Allows communication between two NFC-enabled devices

FAQ: Important questions and answers about Bose headphones

Security note:

In general, do not use headphones with loud music on the road, as otherwise you will no longer hear other road users and may not be able to react in time.

How should you clean a Bose headphone?

It depends on the type of headphone. The best way to clean in-ear models is to remove the cushions and then wipe them with a slightly damp cloth. You can wash the ear pads with warm water and a little soap and replace them with new ones if they are too dirty .

If there is too much earwax , you can use a small brush to apply some hydrogen peroxide to the surface of the membranes. After a short exposure time, the deposits will have softened and can be wiped off with a soft cloth.

Where can you buy Bose headphones?

Bose offers many good headphones, thanks to which you don’t have to do without the perfect sound on the go.

Bose headphones plus replacement parts (e.g. USB charging cable) and accessories (e.g. clip, carrying case) can be found in electronics stores in the audio accessories section, where headphones from other brands are also available.

You can find the best or cheapest Bose headphones by looking at our table with our Bose headphones comparison. Here you can order a suitable model conveniently and at a good price for your home.

Bose headphonescomparison resultAvailable from(Euros)Customer rating (Amazon)Buy Bose headphones
Bose Noise Canceling 700 Silvercomparison winner259.004.5 stars from reviews
Bose QuietComfort EarbudsValue for money229.954.3 stars from reviews
Bose SoundSport Wireless129.954.4 stars from reviews
Bose QuietComfort 20 in-ear headphones197.844.5 stars from reviews
Bose 866724-0100244.994.3 stars from reviews
Bose sports earbuds151.994.4 stars from reviews
Bose SoundLink149.004.6 stars from reviews

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