Pinterest for Business: Why Your Business Should Be on Pinterest in 2021


Pinterest is the internet’s answer to the good old fashioned bulletin board. The place where approx. every fourth Dane shares inspiration and collects pictures of their interests, favorite products and projects they are working on.

This is where the bride gathers all the inspiration for the wedding. Here the couple finds inspiration for the remodel or shares visual wish lists with each other. And this is where you as a company must be present if you want to “stick” to traffic and additional sales in 2021. With so many people looking for good ideas and inspiring products, this is the obvious place to market your products or services.

In short, Pinterest is a kind of visual search engine where you can search and discover new ideas and products through images and video.

Pinterest is by far the largest social media on the market, but it can do something that none of the others can. It helps you to store all the inspiring, cool and ingenious things you find around the web and organize them in so-called “pinboards”.

Every time you find a picture or video on the web of, for example, an inspiring product, you can choose to “stick” it and save it in one of the boards you have created – eg “inspiration for my dream kitchen”.

For each pin it is possible to add text in the form of a title and description of the image / video, but the primary focus is the visual.

On each pin you also insert a link to the website where the image comes from. It could, for example. be the product on your website, a blog post or the original image on your Instagram profile.

These boards are visible on the user’s / company’s own account. That way, you can always return to your digital to-do list, and it can also help inspire others.

Who is on Pinterest?

Globally, there are 459 million. active sticks, of which about 1.1 million of them are Danes. “Pins” is what you call users on Pinterest who save, pin new pins or just browse through the Pinterest feed.

The female segment makes up more than 60% of the total Pinners, but it is important to mention that the number of the male pinners has increased almost 50% year after year!

85% jump on from mobile, which is important to keep in mind when creating your content. Users are currently looking for inspiration when they get a great idea.

Pinterest is NOT a new Facebook

Although Pinterest falls under the category of a social media, it can just as easily be compared to a search engine like Google. The big difference between Pinterest and other social media like Facebook and Twitter is that users on Pinterest do not aim to share private events, attitudes or thoughts or follow the lives of friends and acquaintances. Pinners will find, save, “repinne” and share visual and inspiring content that they find interesting – and that others with the same interest will also be inspired by.

This part is the significant difference to Facebook in particular, where you are often greeted by uninteresting content and ads from companies that you have not asked for. Who has not tried to receive advertisements for dog food, for example, even if you do not have a dog? Or dating sites, even if you are married?

Pinterest is the social media with the greatest order value

Emarketer came out in 2019 with a survey that showed the distribution of activity on social media among US users. This survey showed, among other things, that 47% of users used Pinterest to find or shop products. The closest competitor is Facebook, where only 14% use the platform for this purpose. This fact makes Pinterest an extremely strong channel for businesses and at the same time a far more “fireproof” platform to advertise on.

An interesting comparison between the media shows that despite the fact that Facebook hits the largest conversion rate, it is without comparison Pinterest that has the largest average order value. With its $ 154, it’s over twice as much as Facebook’s $ 69.

We’re on Pinterest for shopping

Are you new to Pinterest? Fear not, users on Pinterest are 45% more likely to explore new brands relative to other social media.

In addition, do not be afraid of spamming users with your company’s content. On Pinterest, you communicate with active shoppers. As many as 89% of Pinterest users use the medium for buying inspiration. An ad will therefore be much less noisy for the user if you target the right audience.

97% of all searches on Pinterest are not brand related. It paints a picture that users on Pinterest are on the platform with an open mind and want to be inspired by new brands. It also testifies that there is also something called SEO under the auspices of Pinterest, which is a whole topic for yourself.

Organic posts live significantly longer on Pinterest

Three months – so long is the lifespan of an organic post on Pinterest. That makes Pinterest the social media that has the longest lifespan of an organic post.

By comparison, an organic post on Facebook only has a lifespan of 2-5 hours, Instagram max 48 hours (24 hours for stories) and Twitter tops the bottom with its only 15-20 min.

There is thus a significant multiplication of approx. 1600 times. In addition, you can obviously choose to advertise your content and thus extend the life of your mail even more. See how to get started advertising on Pinterest here.

The longevity is due, among other things, to Pinterest’s high inaction rate and the users’ ability to re-pin and save other people’s pins. In some cases, you can see interaction on several years old posts – if they are well optimized well enough.

Which companies do best on Pinterest?

In fact, it’s very simple: All companies that have inspiring and great visual content have the potential to succeed on Pinterest.

Of course, it requires a certain amount of search volume if your presence and content is to have a raison d’être on Pinterest. As a rule of thumb, you can ask yourself if you think your products / services are something people will search for and save on Pinterest.

Virtually all categories have a raison d’être on Pinterest. On Pinterest’s own audience insight, you can see the following overview of some of the most popular categories and interests:

  1. Interior design
  2. GDS (DIY) and needlework
  3. Art
  4. Entertainment
  5. Education
  6. Food and drinks
  7. Women’s fashion

Why advertise on Pinterest?

You can go a long way with a pure organic presence on Pinterest. But if your business really needs to reach its full potential, then advertising on Pinterest is the way forward.

Like all other social media, paid advertising on Pinterest is the best and most direct way to ensure that your content hits the right audience.

Still in doubt about the value of advertising and why Pinterest should be considered in your marketing strategy? So chew once more on these four facts about Pinterest Ads:

  1. Pinners are 3 times more likely to click over on a company website than on any other social media.
  2. Pinterest ads are 2-3 times cheaper per. conversion compared to other social media.
  3. 85% of all pinners say they use Pinterest when launching new projects.
  4. The order value on Pinterest advertising is twice as high as on Facebook

As an added bonus, it should also be mentioned that Pinterest’s targeting options are a very favorable combination between Google and Facebook. In other words, you can target keywords, interests, engagement, and audiences.

You build target groups yourself from, for example, the mailing list or the Pinterest Tag (works as a Pixel Tag), which allows you to do both retargeting advertising and act-a-likes (what you may know as “look-a-like”). like ”on Facebook).

Get started with Pinterest advertising

So what are you waiting for? Getting started with advertising on Pinterest is easy.

Start by creating a company profile at

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