The best 40 to 43 inch TVs 2022

Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Sony and other brands – We regularly tests the latest televisions. In these leader-boards you will find all the top products tested in sizes 40 to 43 inches with a screen diagonal of 102 to 109 centimetres. Which TV should you buy? Which TV is right for you? We has advice.

Our place 1: Samsung The Sero GQ43LS05TAU

Will typical TikTok users spend that much money on a 43-inch television? Sure, the image quality is impressive, the twist mechanism is worth its own TikTok video. And with its sound quality, the Samsung can also inspire people over the age of 25. But a Samsung Q60T with a similar image quality costs only 650 euros, a 55-inch Q70T with a better image for 1,000 euros.

Our 2nd place: Panasonic TX-43HXW944

The picture and sound quality of the Panasonic TX-43HXW944 are completely convincing. When it comes to equipment, Panasonic focuses on useful TV functions and a variety of connections, while other manufacturers are more up-to-date when it comes to app selection. This is of course enough for a good grade, especially the tested version with a 43-inch screen size is unrivaled.

Our 3rd place: Philips 43PUS8506

Good picture, decent sound and extensive features with useful extras are provided by Philips in a strikingly good-looking case for the PUS8506 (tested size: 58 inches with a screen diagonal of 147 centimeters). With an aluminum frame and slim base, it looks great, and with the rotating screen it is also very functional. You have to get used to the extravagant and intricate setting menus, the rest of the operation is quickly learned. The Android operating system guarantees a large selection of apps, and all major streaming providers are represented. This whole package makes the Philips unique. The nickname “The One” chosen by Philips fits in there.

The best 40 inch televisions

If you do not want to spend too much on a new television but still do not want to forego excellent picture quality, you will find a wide range of 40 inch televisions. Depending on the manufacturer, the screen size is also 43 inches. The best models differentiate between Full HD and 4K as well as between LCD and LED display technology. Above all, the larger models are Internet-compatible. In addition to 40 and 43 inch devices from top brands such as Samsung and LG, you will also find flat screen televisions from lesser known brands such as Hisense among the best.

Flat screen TVs in 40 and 43 inches testing

40 or 43 inch televisions can be found in almost every living room. The smaller models have a screen diagonal of around 102 centimeters and, depending on the frame thickness, have dimensions of around 91 cm in width and 53 cm in height with (without foot). The ideal distance between the screen and the sofa is around 1.5 to three meters. 43 inch televisions have a screen diagonal of around 109 cm and are 96 cm wide x 55 cm high (without stand). The distance between the couch and sofa should be slightly larger than with the smaller 40 inch devices.In terms of price, the best televisions from the test are around 300 and 600 euros for a 43-inch 4K television. Depending on the size and features, you will also find cheaper or more expensive offers at Samsung and Co. But what do the best models from the test bring with them?

  • Resolution: Full HD, i.e. a resolution of at least 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, can all devices from the test. Many models of the 43 inch televisions are also capable of 4K or Ultra HD. This corresponds to a resolution of at least 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. The best 4K televisions in 40 and 43 inches also support the HDR (10) standard for greater image dynamics and color gamut.
  • Display technology: A distinction is made here between LCD and LED. Basically, both variants are based on LCD technology: The screen is made up of liquid crystals. The lighting makes the difference. LED flat screen televisions are more modern and better. You can find out more about the different technologies below.
  • Smart TV: The best 40 and 43 inch televisions are Smart TVs, ie they can be connected to the Internet and enable access to streaming services, media libraries, station information and other (exclusive) content via HbbTV. With the right app, your smartphone or tablet becomes a remote control for the device. If you can do without these functions, you will also find models without Smart TV, especially with the smaller flat screen TVs – these are often very cheap. When making a comparison, also pay attention to how the television can be connected to the Internet: Not all devices support WLAN; they can only be connected via cable.
  • Connections: In addition to a LAN connection, the devices from Samsung, Sony and Co. have at least one HDMI, USB and audio connection as well as other slots.
  • Types of reception: Here, viewers who receive television via DVB-T2 should take a closer look. Not all flat screen televisions support the standard.

From HD Ready to 4K: resolution at a glance

With the introduction of flat screen televisions, devices called HD Ready appeared on the market – the cornerstone for high-definition television. Today practically all televisions meet these requirements, including with a picture resolution of 1,280 x 720 and upwards. Current televisions from 40 inches generally exceed this minimum requirement. The best and, above all, larger televisions deliver pictures in Ultra HD or 4K. The term 4K television is confusing, however, as this standard is actually used for digital cinema. In detail, the information means the following screen resolution:

  • HD Ready: from 1,280 x 720 pixels
  • Full HD: 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
  • Ultra HD: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • 4K: 4,096 x 2,160 pixels

All flat screen televisions, whether 32, 40 or 65 inches, have a 16: 9 format. When buying a 40 or 43 inch 4K TV, it is crucial that the HDR standard is supported. In contrast to SDR, the “High Dynamic Range” standard extends the dynamic range and color space of the image.

Flat screen TV technology: LCD or LED?

Basically, all new flat screen televisions are now also LCD devices: The screen consists of liquid crystals that are illuminated in different ways and thus create an image. Conventional LCD screens mostly use individual fluorescent tubes (CCFL), which illuminate the crystals evenly from behind. The favorable design has the disadvantage that the devices are comparatively wide or thick.LED televisions rely on light-emitting diodes that are either on the edge of the display (edge ​​LED) or directly behind the display (direct or full LED backlight). The latter also leads to a greater depth of the display. The former can lead to uneven illumination of the screen (clouding) and radiation in the corners.Those who value the latest OLED technology will not find what they are looking for with 40 inch and 43 inch televisions. The technology in which each pixel shines out of itself is reserved for larger TV sets with 55 inches or more. Due to the smaller display size, OLED would have little or no positive effect in the models tested anyway.

Compare TV offers with the right questions

From 40-inch Smart TVs to 43-inch 4K TVs: the range of TV models is huge. Above all, Samsung and LG bring out many televisions with these dimensions, which differ in price and features. To find the best compact 40 or 43 inch TV, the following questions will help:

  • What do i want to watch If you use a lot of streaming offers and watch Blu-rays, you should definitely buy a TV in 4K. More and more television programs are also available in Ultra HD – but the casual viewer will probably also be happy with a 40 inch television with Full HD.
  • Who is using the TV? The smaller 40-inch devices are ideal as a second device in the holiday home or for children. You may also be able to do without Smart TV functions here. This makes it easy for you to find a particularly affordable offer.
  • Which devices do I want to connect to the TV? If you want to integrate your television into the home network and operate it with a tablet or smartphone, a WiFi-enabled smart TV is the first choice.
  • How big is my living room? In very small rooms, a 40-inch television is better than a 43-inch device, as the distance between the sofa and the television can be smaller.
  • How much do I want to spend? If you only have a limited budget, you don’t have to do without a good 40-inch flat-screen TV. You can get the simple models for around 200 euros. Saving tip: Do not underestimate the power consumption of a television that is in use for several hours a day. Calculated over the year, a decent amount is quickly generated.

The best 40-inch to 43-inch (102 to 109 cm) televisions in comparison

1.Samsung The Sero GQ43LS05TAU 1.9 (good)
2.Panasonic TX-43HXW944 1.9 (good)
3.Philips 43PUS8506 2.0 (good)
4Samsung GQ43Q60TGU 2.0 (good)
5.Samsung GU43AU8079U 2.2 (good)
6Samsung GU43TU8079 2.2 (good)
7Sony KD-43XH8096 2.3 (good)
8Panasonic TX-40HXW804 2.3 (good)
9.Samsung GU43TU7079 2.4 (good)
10.Panasonic TX-40JXW834 2.4 (good)

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