The best 46 to 50 inches TVs 2022

Whether Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Philips or Grundig – We regularly test the latest televisions. You will find all of the top products that have been tested in these leader-boards.

Our place 1: LG Electronics OLED48C19LA

The LG OLED C19LA (tested size: 65 inches) showed no real weaknesses in the test. The image quality is currently one of the best, color fidelity, contrast and naturalness are hard to beat. The sound is easy to live with, especially since there are sensible options for customization and optimization. And the equipment includes practically everything that televisions should offer today, with all the important streaming apps and voice control as a nice extra. Only very few televisions achieve this level in all criteria, the LG OLED C1 is one of the cheaper ones.

Our second place: Loewe bild i.48 dr +

With the Loewe Bild i (tested size 65 inches) everything is actually new, even if some things seem familiar at first: the understandable menus, the remote control that is difficult to hold, the built-in DR + hard disk recorder or the classy design with a beautifully clad back. Thanks to the new smart TV platform, the streaming offer on the new television is up-to-date. The most important apps will be available until the end of 2021, the selection is likely to increase. And the fast pace of work is already pleasing. In terms of sound, the surcharge for the screw-on soundbar is worthwhile, unless a high-quality system does the job. There is nothing wrong with the picture quality of the OLED TV, which meets the highest demands.

Our 3rd place: Philips 48OLED806

Whether classic Philips features such as Ambilight or new additions such as the Mimi app to compensate for hearing impairments: The Philips OLED806 (tested size: 55 inches) shone in the test with its numerous and useful extras. Using all of them requires a bit of practice, and the remote control also takes getting used to and barely prevented the overall rating of “very good”. The Philips OLED806 rewards this with good sound and image quality that is currently hard to beat. Thanks to the Android operating system, all popular apps are available, and two HDMI connections are suitable for the latest game consoles.

Smart TVs: The best 50 inch televisions

Televisions with a screen diagonal of around 50 inches are medium-sized TV sets and are offered by all well-known brands such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Philips. The best 50 inch devices have a high resolution, Smart TV functions and sufficient connections. Depending on the manufacturer, the screen size is also 46, 47, 48 or 49 inches. The models start at less than 400 euros, but top devices can also cost over 1,000 euros. 46-inch televisions are rarely available, which is why you often don’t have that much choice here.

The dimensions of 50 inch televisions

Both TV sizes transmit the picture in 16: 9 format. A 46-inch television, for example, has a screen diagonal of around 117 cm and measures 102 x 57 cm (width x height) plus a frame. If you buy a model with a stand, it is of course even higher. 50-inch flat-screen televisions are approximately 113 x 65 cm in size and have a screen diagonal of around 126 cm. In both cases, the optimal distance between the TV and the sofa is just under two to around 2.5 meters.

50 inch TVs testing

Those who rely on well-known brands such as Samsung, LG or Sony receive a top-quality TV with the latest equipment. When comparing televisions, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Display technology: Most 50-inch devices are LED screens, i.e. LCD models with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a light source. OLED televisions in this size class with 48 inches will hit the market in 2020.
  • Resolution: Full HD or 4K – both are possible. The smaller but still excellent resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels is provided by both the smaller 46-inch and the larger 50-inch flat screen televisions. 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, i.e. 4K or Ultra HD, are usually only found in the larger models. These also optimize HD content via the upscaling function, so that you can also benefit from the technology for older films and TV programs. With UHD devices, it is important that the television also supports the HDR standard – this guarantees stronger contrasts and more brilliant colors.
  • Internet functions: Here, too, the 50 inch televisions can usually do more than the smaller ones. In the test, the larger models are mostly Smart TVs, which can be connected to the Internet via WLAN. Via HbbTV you have access to media libraries and exclusive content, surfing and accessing various streaming providers is also possible without any problems. 46 inch flat screens are neither always smart TVs, nor can they necessarily be connected to the Internet via WLAN or LAN cable.
  • Types of reception: The widespread types of reception via satellite and cable are mostly standard at Samsung and Co. If you receive television via DVB-T2, you should look carefully when comparing whether the model supports second-generation terrestrial television.
  • Connections: In addition to several HDMI connections, the best TV sets of this size sometimes have USB connections and separate audio connections.

The screen technology: LCD or LED

All current 46 inch and 50 inch televisions are LED screens. Strictly speaking, LED displays are also based on LCD technology. What is meant here is the screen, which consists of liquid crystals (“Liquid Crystal Display”) that are made to glow in different ways. With the older LCD televisions, the cold cathode tubes (CCRT), with LED televisions, small light-emitting diodes take over the LEDs, which illuminate the screen from the rear and / or the side.The future could belong to OLED and QLED: Every pixel in OLED displays shines out of itself, backlighting becomes superfluous. The result is extremely slim flat screen televisions with brilliant colors. However, this technology is expensive and 46-inch and 50-inch televisions do not (yet) exist with it. Samsung has developed its own technology with QLED. So-called quantum dots are applied to a film between the LCD and LEDs, which emit light in different colors.

Questions Before Buying Your New Flat Screen TV

A smaller 46-inch Samsung TV or would you prefer a Smart TV with a 50-inch screen diagonal? In order to keep an overview when comparing the different models, it is worth answering a few questions:

What do I want to watch?
If you only watch TV and films on DVD occasionally, you can opt for a cheaper flat screen TV with Full HD. You may not even need the Internet and can therefore do without Smart TV functions. 4K televisions are worthwhile for anyone who regularly watches films and series.

Which devices do I want to connect?
Make sure that there are sufficient and correct connections. If you want to bring the 50 inch television wirelessly to the Internet, you should make sure that the device is WLAN-capable.

How do I receive the TV signal?
Everyone who receives television via DVB-T2 should take a close look here to see whether the flat screen television supports the standard.

How much space do i have?
The bigger the TV, the more space you need in the living room. 46 and 50 inches don’t make that big a difference, but if in doubt, you should use the smaller flat screen TV so you don’t have to sit too close to the TV. Also keep in mind that you need enough space on the sideboard or TV bench. If you want to connect additional devices, such as a recorder or extra loudspeakers, to the television, you will also need additional space for this.

How much money do I want to spend?
Sometimes the budget also limits the dimensions and features of a television. You can save money not only in terms of size, but also if you forego Smart TV, the newer LED technology and maximum resolution in 4K.


The best TVs: 46 to 50 inches (117 to 126 cm) in comparison

1.LG Electronics OLED48C19LA 1.4 (very good)
2.Lion picture i.48 dr + 1.5 (good)
3.Philips 48OLED806 1.6 (good)
4Panasonic TX-48JZW1004 1.6 (good)
5.Panasonic TX-48JZW984 1.6 (good)
6Sony XR-50X90J 1.8 (good)
7Sony KD-48A9 1.8 (good)
8Philips 48OLED935 1.8 (good)
9.Philips 50PUS8506 2.0 (good)
10.Philips 50PUS8505 2.1 (good)

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