The best 55 inch TVs 2022

Whether Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Philips or others – We regularly tests the latest televisions. You will find all of the top products that have been tested in these leader boards.

Our place 1: Samsung GQ55QN95AAT

The Samsung QN95A (tested size: 65 inches) impresses with an enormous range of technical improvements and new functions. The image quality is excellent, thanks to mini-LED technology, the image impression is clearer and more spatial than ever before. The sound quality is also above average. This makes the QN95A clearly the best LCD television, and the numerous functions and extras set standards for smart TVs. Nevertheless, the operation remains manageable, also thanks to the handy remote control with just a few buttons.

Our 2nd place: LG Electronics OLED55G19LA

The LG OLED G1 (tested size 65 inches) is one of the best televisions that can be got for money and good words. In the test, it showed outstanding image quality, the new screen generation OLED-Evo has increased noticeably in brightness and displays skin tones even more naturally than its already very good predecessor. Thanks to lightning-fast image processing and HDMI inputs of the latest version 2.1, which process 4K images at up to 120 Hertz, the LG OLED G1 is also ideal for game consoles. In addition, the flat design of the TV with a hidden wall bracket can be placed on the scales, but the sound is still surprisingly good. The G1 does not lack comfort anyway, with all the important streaming apps,

Our 3rd place: Samsung GQ55QN85AAT

The Samsung QN85A scored in the test with almost the same qualities as the more expensive QN95A: The image quality is excellent, brilliance and naturalness are at the top level. Together with the excellent anti-reflective coating, this results in outstanding image quality even in daylight. The sound is so good that a soundbar is not necessarily required. In addition, there is a very complete set of equipment with all the important connections, many streaming options and other useful extras.

Buying 55 inch televisions: These are the test winners

TV sets with a screen diagonal of 55 inches are the best-selling TV sizes. Whether with a picture quality in 4K or “only” Full-HD, LCD or OLED, smart functions and numerous connections: How affordable the 55-inch television is in the end depends on the technology and equipment. Samsung, Philips, LG and Sony have models on offer for less than 500 euros or up to several thousand euros.

Price comparison for 55 inch televisions: It depends

Current 55-inch televisions are flat screens that differ primarily in terms of resolution and technology, and thus image quality. In centimeters, 55 inches mean a screen diagonal of just under 140 cm and 124 x 72 cm in width and height in the 16: 9 format. Depending on the frame and device type, a few more centimeters are added to the total. Some manufacturers offer 58-inch televisions instead of 55-inch TVs. The screen diagonal is a hand’s breadth larger at 147 centimeters. They are also listed in the leaderboard. How flat the flat screen really is depends on whether you opt for an LCD, LED or OLED device. You can read more about the different techniques below. When comparing prices, there are a total of the following points to consider:

  • Image resolution: The best devices from Samsung, Philips and Co. come with at least HD resolution, which means 1,920 x 1,080 pixels for high-resolution films and series. Ultra HD, often also called 4K, goes one better with at least 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. In addition to more and more channels and streaming offers in at least HD, there is also more and more content in UHD. For maximum 4K enjoyment, it is important that the HDR image standard is supported.
  • Screen technology: The test winners in this size have an LCD or OLED screen. OLED stands for even richer colors, contrasts and depth of field than LCD screens. However, the technology also has its price: 55-inch televisions up to 1,000 euros are usually not found here (at least) in vain.
  • Sound: Due to the design, the loudspeakers of some devices are located outside or behind the device. You may need to take this into account when choosing the location of the television set. The test winners also support the latest sound technology, such as Dolby Atmos.
  • Types of reception: Classically, all 55 inch televisions can receive digital television via cable and satellite. If you are receiving DVB-T (2), you should check whether the device of your choice can do this.
  • Smart TV: In times of data flat rates, smart TV functions are practically part of the basic equipment. You can bring the best smart TVs to the Internet via LAN and WLAN and expand the range of functions of the device with HbbTV.
  • Operating system: Depending on the model, smart 55 inch televisions come with Android or webOS. This decides, among other things, which apps are available and how compatible your TV set is with other devices in your household.
  • Connections: Several HDMI connections should also be available, as well as a USB and LAN connection. An additional audio output can also be useful.

By the way: The color of the television does not affect the price comparison. Most models from Samsung, Philips and Co. are black or gray, some are also available in silver. If you are looking for a cheap model in white, you will also find it.

LED or OLED: a question of price and space

As already mentioned, there are the biggest differences in screen technology with 55 inch televisions in the test. You will find significantly cheaper flat screens up to 1,000 euros as LCD or LED versions.Basically, all smart televisions of this type are LCD devices, because LCD stands for a screen made of liquid crystals. The difference is made by the lighting: In LED televisions, this is done by small light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that illuminate the pixels from behind or from the side. There is also a lot of talk here of backlit televisions. In addition to affordable 55-inch TVs, these TVs are also available in significantly smaller and larger versions. Due to their design, they are a little thicker than OLED televisions, but also significantly cheaper.The premier class are OLED televisions. Here every pixel shines out of itself, background lighting is not necessary. 55 inch televisions with this technology are extremely thin, the colors and especially black are displayed brilliantly. An extremely high image refresh rate also ensures even smoother movements on the screen. Ultimately, however, the models from Philips and LG also cost significantly more.

Smart TVs: More than just television

Surf, stream, play: A Smart TV combines all the advantages of a television with those of a computer. You can connect the device to the Internet via cable or wirelessly, so you can access streaming services, surf the Internet or make video calls directly on the television. Under the name HbbTV, 55-inch smart TVs offer extensive additional information on programs and enable access to exclusive content and media libraries. With the right app, you can conveniently control your smart TV using your tablet or smartphone. In times of data flat rates and high-speed internet, almost all of the best 55 inch televisions are equipped with smart functions.

Questions Before Buying a 55 Inch TV

Before you buy an offer from Samsung, LG and Co., answering a few questions can help save you money and, most importantly, help you find the best 55 inch television for your own needs.

Do I have enough space?
With a width of around 1.3 meters for a 55 inch television, there must be enough space on the TV bench or on the wall. Sufficient distance between the television and the sofa is even more important – around two meters for OLEDs and three meters for LED televisions. If you reach your spatial limits here, you can fall back on smaller models from Samsung and Co. One possible advantage is that you may get the same equipment for a lower price.

Where and how do I want to set up the television?
The more expensive OLED televisions in particular are often only intended for hanging on the wall due to their flat design. Also, keep in mind that you may need additional space for speakers and other equipment near the TV.

What other devices do I want to connect to the TV?
Recorder, extra boxes, the computer or smartphone – depending on which devices you want to connect to the 55 inch television, you should pay attention to the corresponding connections and functions when making a comparison. Those who save on the equipment may find a cheaper flat screen.

Which additional functions do I need?
You can hardly do without smart functions – there are no differences in price anyway. Nevertheless, there are 55 inch televisions that also have an integrated recorder function, for example. If you don’t need that, you can save.

How much money do I want to spend?
OLED TVs are always more expensive than LED TVs. Both techniques promise brilliant colors and contrasts anyway. So if you don’t need the ultimate premium device, you can get away with a 55 inch TV with LED technology for much less. In contrast to a 4K television, you can also save on the maximum resolution with an HD device. However, once you get used to Ultra-HD, you will never want to be without the razor-sharp images again.

The best 55 inch TVs (around 140 cm) in comparison

1.SamsungGQ55QN95AAT 1.3 (very good)
2.LG ElectronicsOLED55G19LA 1.3 (very good)
3.SamsungGQ55QN85AAT 1.4 (very good)
4.SamsungGQ55QN90AAT 1.4 (very good)
5.LG ElectronicsOLED55C19LA 1.4 (very good)
6.SonyXR-55A90J 1.4 (very good)
7.PanasonicTX-55JZW2004 1.4 (very good)
8.LG ElectronicsOLED55B19LA 1,5 (good)
9.Loewepicture i.55 dr + 1,5 (good)
10.SonyXR-55A80J 1,6 (good)

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