The best televisions 2022

Regardless of whether with UHD or Full HD resolution, with LCD, OLED or QLED technology: We regularly tests the latest televisions in all price ranges. In this list of the best you can find all tested products. In order to find a television in a certain price range or size more quickly, We offer correspondingly filtered best lists.

Our place 1: Samsung GQ55QN95AAT

The Samsung QN95A (tested size: 65 inches) impresses with an enormous range of technical improvements and new functions. The image quality is excellent, thanks to mini-LED technology, the image impression is clearer and more spatial than ever before. The sound quality is also above average. This makes the QN95A clearly the best LCD television, and the numerous functions and extras set standards for smart TVs. Nevertheless, the operation remains manageable, also thanks to the handy remote control with just a few buttons.

Our 2nd place: LG Electronics OLED55G19LA

The LG OLED G1 (tested size 65 inches) is one of the best televisions that can be got for money and good words. In the test, it showed outstanding image quality, the new screen generation OLED-Evo has noticeably increased in brightness and displays skin tones even more naturally than its already very good predecessor. Thanks to lightning-fast image processing and HDMI inputs of the latest version 2.1, which process 4K images with up to 120 Hertz, the LG OLED G1 is also ideal for game consoles. In addition, the flat design of the TV with a hidden wall bracket can be placed on the scales, but the sound is still surprisingly good. The G1 does not lack comfort anyway, with all the important streaming apps.

Our 3rd place: Samsung GQ65QN95AAT

The new Samsung GQ65QN95A impresses with an enormous range of technical improvements and new functions. The image quality is excellent, thanks to mini-LED technology, the image impression is clearer and more spatial than ever before. The sound quality is also above average. This makes the QN95A clearly the best LCD television and, with its new functions and refined technology, offers a promising outlook on the next generation of Samsung TVs.

Buying advice: find the best TV

A television can be found in almost every household. Anyone looking for a new device is faced with an almost unlimited range: mini or large, with or without a frame, in black or silver, from Samsung, LG or Panasonic? And these are only the first questions on the way to the best offer. In our tests and purchase advice, you will find flat screen televisions of all sizes, with WLAN, recording function and other additional functions. Inexpensive devices do not even cost 300 euros – large top devices are many times more expensive.

Televisions in the test: general characteristics of the best devices

In the meantime, the flat screen has found its way into our living rooms. This is where the similarities of the models in test reports almost stop. So if you want to make a comparison of the best TVs, pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Size: The smallest televisions have a screen diagonal of around 30 inches – the largest models are 75 inches and more. A good average value for orientation is a 55-inch television that has a screen diagonal of 139 cm without a frame. Which size is the best depends primarily on the size of your living room and the distance between you and the television. The larger the flat screen, the higher the resolution should be.
  • Resolution: Only very small televisions are still available with a resolution below Full HD, but practically all of them are HD Ready and therefore generally suitable for viewing HDTV. Many models come with full HD. However, the standard for the test winners is Ultra HD or 4K. Top models also support the HDR standard for even more color brilliance and contrast.
  • Display technology: the vast majority of televisions have LCD flat screens. Plasma screens have disappeared from the market. Because LEDs (light-emitting diodes) work as a light source in LCD screens, LED screens are also used. OLED televisions are still relatively new. But they are only available in large formats in the expensive top class. In comparison, an LED TV gives you a good, yet affordable TV.
  • WLAN function: Most of the new televisions today are internet-enabled and can be connected wirelessly. Models with the Internet are called Smart TVs, as additional functions can be used via the Internet and the television is equipped with Netflix and other streaming services, for example. Very few, mostly small, flat screens are still available without smart TV functions.
  • Connections: In addition to a slot for the LAN cable and a USB port, the test winners have at least one HDMI port.
  • Additional functions: Many of the top televisions combine several devices in one flat screen. There are models with USB recording and hard disk, with DVD or Blu-ray players or integrated receivers.

From LCD to OLED: TV screen technology

Televisions currently use two different screen technologies.In LCD televisions, liquid crystals are illuminated with LEDs. The backlight LEDs can be installed on the side of the screen or behind it.In OLED televisions, carbon-based diodes light up by themselves (or they don’t). This creates extremely clear colors and a rich black. The models can be made extremely thin, but are expensive due to the complex technology.In connection with screen technology, the HDR standard is also important. In the best televisions, HDR ensures an extended color spectrum and brilliant contrasts, even and especially in difficult lighting conditions.

Full HD or 4K: the resolutions in comparison

As a matter of course, the latest televisions usually all come with a resolution in 4K or UHD. But what does that even mean? Basically, the resolution describes the number of pixels on the screen. The bigger the TV, the more important a high number is here. Current resolutions are currently:

  • Full HD: 1.920 x 1.080 Pixel
  • Ultra HD: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, this resolution is often referred to as 4K, even if, strictly speaking, the 4K resolution in the cinema is 4,096 x 2,160 pixels.

However , you can only enjoy true Ultra HD if the film or series is also shown in this resolution. Many streaming providers, such as Netflix, already have many offers in 4K or Ultra HD, but most television programs are not yet ready.

3D, Curved and more

There are always new trends on the television market. This included, for example, curved models, so-called curved TVs. Manufacturers promised a larger and three-dimensional image effect. That was not understandable, accordingly the Curved TV trend subsided quickly. A similar fate befell 3D televisions. For a few years this was an integral part of the offer, but the high costs for the technology with relatively little use caused the manufacturers to refrain from doing so again.You can still buy cheap portable TVs for on the go. The mini devices usually come with an extremely small screen, integrated receiving antenna and HDMI and / or USB connection. Some of the mobile televisions can also be operated using a rechargeable battery, allowing you to enjoy television anywhere and anytime. In the age of tablets and extensive streaming offers, including from TV channels, it is questionable how sensible it is to invest in a portable mini TV.

Buying TVs: Which Is Best For You?

Finding a good TV is not difficult – but buying the best TV for your needs can be a real challenge. Before you start your search, read reviews, and make comparisons, it can help to answer a few questions yourself to narrow your choices:

How much space do you have?
The larger the flat screen, the greater the distance between the device and the sofa should be. For example, a 55-inch LED TV should leave a distance of about three meters. In addition, the television must of course also find space on the sideboard or on the wall.

Which design do you prefer?
Most televisions are black. Anyone looking for a model in silver or white will automatically limit the selection. Even a flat screen without a frame or as a curved model is not available in every size and from every manufacturer.

Which additional functions do you want?
With Blu-ray player, receiver or USB recording – every additional function usually costs extra. If you are already considering buying a recorder, the additional investment can of course be worthwhile.

What other devices do you want to connect to the television?
If necessary, pay attention to suitable connections on the flat screen and / or to the corresponding function, e.g. WLAN and Bluetooth.

The best TVs in comparison

1.Samsung GQ55QN95AAT 1.3 (very good)
2.LG Electronics OLED55G19LA 1.3 (very good)
3.Samsung GQ65QN95AAT 1.3 (very good)
4.LG Electronics OLED65G19LA 1.3 (very good)
5.Samsung GQ65QN800AT 1.3 (very good)
6.Samsung GQ75QN95AAT 1.3 (very good)
7.Samsung GQ75QN800AT 1.3 (very good)
8.Samsung GQ65QN900AT 1.3 (very good)
9.Samsung GQ75QN900AT 1.3 (very good)
10.Samsung GQ85QN800AT 1.3 (very good)

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