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Please read all of this before sending a message. I have work being done in my backyard starting about 2 on Friday after that this hot tub will not be as easy to get out of the backyard right now it is easy. So I will prioritize to someone who can get it before 2 Friday and must have your own help. If you bring three 6 foot PVC pipes and a long crow bar you can roll it out from under the deck to side of house an back your truck up.

For someone who might know what they’re doing this seems to be an easy fix at first it was just the heater element that went out so that is replaced. But I didn’t have the pipes tighten down enough and some water leaked while I was testing it and now the pump has stopped but it looks like it might just need to be reset the power and everything still comes on, and then it look like an O-ring broke where you drain the water out so now I’m just over it. It will come with all my extra filters which just need rensing and anything else I can find a good with it. The lid does need to be replaced eventually but still usable.

It’s an SLX YQ model probably late 90s early 2000

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