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Hi admin please approve my post.
To all of my other brothers and sisters selling replica items out there please be aware ‼️
Before selling for anyone please make sure that they understand the process of sending replica items and the trouble we might face when sending it.
Everyone that has bought from me knows my quality and price. I always try to keep the price low to help everyone gets more profit and try to be nice but this customer made me so frustrated. The lady placed an order, total 24 pairs of slippers, all brand ones with boxes. She paid 2 times, 1 was for products then 1 was for shipping fee. I sent to delivery company 1 day after payment was made by PayPal (at that time my account can still receive money). Then due to the sensitive time there were a delay by delivery company as we all suffered every now and then for replica items.
Several days ago I saw her opening 2 cases on 2 transactions asking for refund without contacting me to see the problem. She wrote on PayPal that “she hasn’t received her packages yet, it’s been about 2 weeks”.
During the difficult time I always posted that the delivery company said there’s a bit delay but it’s for the safety of customers’ packages. I also gave her the information of the person from the delivery company so she could check whenever she had doubts.
If she opened a case on the transaction for products, I can still understand it. But she also opened a case on the transaction for shipping fee saying “it’s for you and fedex” which is ridiculous because all the shipping fee paid to fedex, I didn’t take any pennies!
My country is already in the black list of PayPal, I received quite lots of money from the customers so they temporarily blocked my account, I’m trying my best to get it unblock so other customers can pay. But since she opened the case it can never be unblock. She disputed on PayPal and got her money back but I can’t change the address of the package so eventually the package still coming to her. This act is a selfish act. The customer only think about herself. Now I’m afraid that if she receives my packages and still doesn’t pay me money. This is not fair at all because I paid for everything! I understand her feelings for sure but I gave her information of the shipping agent to check and willing to do everything to check and fasten the process but she just didn’t want to cooperate. She said she will close the case when she receives but then she filed a claim on PayPal. The money that I have worked really hard to earn but not coming out of nowhere!
Buying replica items it’s always a chance that the package will get delayed or checked by custom or even get seized. Some customers wait for 2 months or more but they understand for vendors because it’s actually not any vendors’ fault. When it’s with the delivery it’s not in our responsibility but we still take care of it and you still blame us. If you want a whole full refund you are nothing different than a scammer! I have every proof that I have sent the package out.
And other vendors please be extremely careful with these kind of customers buying replica items with PayPal. I’m sure that if their packages get seized by custom they will ask for full refund too!

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