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As the weather has improved it’s time to get that mortar job tackled, we have a variety of Fingers & Diamond Rakes Abrasives World

Applications: Mortar raking fingers use tungsten carbide grit and are designed for mortar raking in short runs or where a mortar raking diamond blade may not be suitable. Also useful around curves and uneven stonework. Use on standard angle grinder or polishers with M14 spindles.


Coated in tungsten carbide abrasive grain
Fits most standard angle grinders with M14 attachment.
Choose 8mm (normally best between bricks) or 12mm wide (normally best for stonework).
Easier to use in pre-drilled starter hole.

Applications: These mortar raking diamond blades are designed to rake mortar on straight runs. A simple, but superb innovation for mortar raking. Basically two optimised diamond blades co-joined in the centre giving more cutting than grinding action. The central portion crumbs out, resulting in less dust. Suitable for raking both soft and harder mortar types using angle grinders.


Fast working, since more cutting than grinding action.
Robust construction.
Less dust than most mortar rakes as middle of run crumbles out.
7mm deep segments for long life.
Chose 6mm (1/4″) or 8.5mm cutting width.
Uses less diamond due to central gap, hence excellent value.
Premium diamond clusters, suitable for hard as well as softer mortar mixes.
115mm Size: Please see our new mortar cut range.

Also Available: We also stock premium-mortar-raking-blades in diameters up to 230mm.

pplications: These discs combine centrally joined diamond blades, which give more of a cutting than a grinding action to mortar. They thus give fast service on both hard and soft mortar types. They can be used on standard angle grinders. The thickness options are 6.2mm, which most users will find ideal for most brickwork and especially on older walls. There is also a 9.5mm option which gives close chasing action in standard 10mm mortar joints.


Combines either two diamond blades (6.2mm width) or three (9.5mm width).
10mm deep diamond segments for long life.
Can be used dry or wet.
Compliant with EN13236.
Speed Rating: 115mm dia: 13,300rpm. 125mm dia: 12,250rpm.

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